London 2012

Congratulations to the RUBC alumni and students who were competing at the London 2012 Olympics. We are all hugely proud of your success. Below are Sam Townsend (M2x), Natasha Page (W8+), Mark Earnshaw, Charles Cousins (M4x), Richard Egington (M8+), Bill Lucas (M2x), Debbie Flood (W4x), Alex Gregory (M4-) and Anna Watkins (W2x).

RUBC London 2012

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Ortner Boat Club

Ortner Boat Club, established in 1998, is a club for the past members and associates of RUBC. The clubs name comes from a past coach, Frank Ortner, who gave a lot to RUBC over his 21 years involvement that started in the 1940’s.

Ortner BC is mostly a social and supporting club, enjoying get-togethers at several occasions through the year:

The annual reunion at the Reading University Head of River.

The Ortner Challenge Day, where RUBC crews take on the mighty Ortner BC.

The Henley gathering hosted by the club on the Saturday of the famous Regatta.

The long term aim is to provide support and funding to the University Boat Club, to keep up the strong RUBC tradition of winning on the water.

You can find out more information and history at

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