Below is a list of RUBC equipment that is currently for sale. If you’d like more details then please email us at

List updated 10th May 2017


Boat type Make Code Year of manufacture Crew weight Price Notes
 4x/-  Sims  2003  70-90kg  £1,800  This is a alumnium wing quad/coxless 4. It’s in need of some cosmetic work on the hull, but is in very sound condition.
4+/x Filippi F19 2004 85-100kg £6,000 This boat has been used successfully with a crew of 75k.This boat also has quad riggers. (view image 1 & 2)
Boat Trailer  De Graaff  n/a  ?  n/a  £2,000  This is a large galvanised boat trailer with dual axel and 4 levels of racking (image 1 & 2)
Rowing machine Concept 2 Model D 2007 n/a £400 Model D ergo for sale (image 1 & 2)
Dymanic Rowing machine Concept 2 2015 n/a £590 We have 3 available for sale and they are in excellent condition (image here)
4x/- Empacher 1998 K45 E148 £900 This is an Empacher quad/coxless 4 which has served us well for many years. It currently has a broken shoulder, hence the price. The hull is in decent condition for age.