Here are some pages that prospective students should find useful:

  • Make sure to join our 2016-17 facebook group, wether your an experienced rower or new to the sport.
  • Season starts on Tuesday 6th September. Any students are welcome to join us.
  • Freshers pre-season camp starts 12th September – all current RUBC seniors are expected to be at training for the pre-season camp, and those experienced rowers new to the University should try to join in – contact Will ( if you’ve got any questions.
  • Welcome (freshers) week starts the 19th September.
  • 22nd September is Freshers Fayre on campus where ANYONE can register and try rowing at RUBC.
  • Helpful information about the university.
  • Information for people new to the sport of Rowing.
  • Details about the University Rowing Scholarships.
  • A sample Senior training┬áprogram.
  • A questionnaire for prospective students to fill out.

But if you still have questions please just contact us at