Senior Training:

Here is a sample of the training program that senior rowers follow at Reading, a typical week will include:

3-4 water sessions / 2-3 strength & conditioning sessions / 1 club circuit training session / 3 ergo sessions 

As far as possible we try to have Sunday’s off training, so that people can go home, or just feel like a “typical” student for a while and enjoy the weekend. There will be early morning sessions, but these are limited to 3 per week, and might be water, circuits or strength and conditioning sessions with experienced coaches.

During the Summer term, with the extra daylight, we change the focus to more water sessions and less weights and ergos. Much of the water work is in crew boats, but for those people who are trialling for Great Britain representation, they will have the program adapted for their needs throughout the year.

At least one of the weights sessions a week is coached, and people are not allowed to lift weights until they have satisfied the coaches that they have the right technique.

Those new to the sport are steadily built up. They start on a program involving only a couple of sessions a week, and after 4 months training will have progressed to 6 sessions a week, before eventually following the senior program.

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